When to Consider a New Golf Shaft Upgrade?4 Things You Should Know

When you have felt like there is something inconvenient with your golf shaft. It’s time to upgrade the new one 

4 Things You Should Pay Attention When  to Consider a New Golf Shaft Upgrade

You should pay attention to four main things before buying a new goft shaft: material, flex, weight, and height. Let’s look at each thing to figure out what you will need in your ideal shaft.

Golf Shaft’s Material

Beginners might not need an expensive or professional shaft yet as they are just practicing and still unsure if they love playing golf or want to build a career toward this sport or not.

Different levels of players may feel more comfortable using other golf shafts with different materials. For beginners and most players, graphite golf shafts are more favorable often as they are less heavy than steel shafts.

For this reason, a graphite shaft makes it easier for you to swing while playing golf. Moreover, graphite shafts are a better option for those who have slower swing speeds compared to steel shafts.

Steel shaft, on the other hand, has its own benefits. For low handicappers, this shaft is ideal as they can feel their shots more.

We cannot always decide if graphite shaft or steel shafts are better because different people will find one more convenient to use than the other.

Golf Shaft’s Weight

What exactly is the weight of a shaft? Normally, the weight of gold shafts are somewhere around 40 to 135 grams.

To choose the right weight shaft for yourself, you need to understand if you have slow or fast swing speed. If you have a fast swing speed, then either a lighter or heavier shaft is right for you. But when you have a slow swing speed, it will be better to pick the more lightweight shaft.

Golf Shaft’s Height

Depending on the player’s height, they will need a longer or shorter shaft. Normally, taller people should choose a longer shaft so they can perform the best while playing golf.

In other cases, some people might be shorter but have longer arms and also need to choose the longer shelf for themselves. The best way to know if you need a longer or shorter is to pay attention to your current shaft.

Is your shaft too short or too long for you? If you have felt anything wrong with the length, then you can use the more suitable one.


People who are taller or have longer arms need longer shafts

 Golf Shaft’s Flex

The flex of your shaft is simply how much the shelf can bend. You can realize your proper flex after playing golf for a while or ask the professional if you want. For example, when you hit the ball around 250 yards, you should choose a shaft that bends less; and when you hit it at 175 yards, then a shaft that can bend more is more suitable for you.

In case you want to know in great detail, you can see the video below:



After reading about the 4 things above, you should pay attention to before changing shafts, you would know that this question is more personal than general. Pay attention to your needs and feel right when you are using your current shaft, then you will see what you should look for in your next one!

Updated: August 30, 2021 — 12:30 am