What Shaft Flex Should I Use? – A Comprehensive Guide

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In general, depending on your swing speeds, tempo, feel and other factors, you can use an extra stiff shaft flex, stiff shaft flex, regular shaft flex, senior shaft flex , or lady shaft flex. So read on to see the best shaft flex will suit for you

4 Type of  Shaft Flex You Should Use

Extra stiff

This kind of shaft flex is often chosen and used by golf players with years of experience or professionals who play at 105 miles per hour or more. At such a high swing speed, controlling and giving an accurate shot is an uphill struggle, but it grants satisfying result, and so anyone knows golf like the back of their hand is keen on applying this method

But not any golf tool allows you to perform such a technique-demanding trick. And so far, only the extra stiff is up for the task.

Stiff and Regular

Those who have taken up golf for a long time and desire to upgrade their playing skills are likely to choose a stiff or regular shaft flex. In general, players with a swing speed of between 95 to 100 miles per hour tend to choose a regular one, while those between 97 and 104 miles per hour tend to opt for a stiff one. You can tell them apart using the symbol on their body, the stiff kind is designed with an “S”, while for the regular, it is a “R”.


This category is suitable for those who are at a lower swing speed between 72 and 83 miles per hour. A senior shaft flex enables golfers to have better control over their golf club and generates better spin and trajectory. As for the travelling distance, if your ball can cover a gap further than 180 yards and but below 210 yards, then no doubt you should get this shaft.


If you are a female golfer, this kind of shaft flex is sure to satisfy your desire to master these sports. This range is an ideal choice for those who reach a swing speed lower than 72 miles per hour, and the distance their ball travels falls below 180 yards.

3 Factors When Choosing A Shaft Flex

There are several factors you need to take into account before deciding on the best shaft flex worthy of an investment, and here is a detailed list of factors that is sure to be of a big help when needed:

Swing speed

Shaft flex chart

Without a shade of doubt, swing speed is of utmost importance when deciding on the shaft flex to bring home, as the speed of one single swing can directly impact the carry distance. Thanks to this factor, you stand a golden chance of getting a more accurate and powerful shot.

However, each kind of shaft flex has its own swing speed; for example, the stiff one is between 90 and 105 miles per hour. Therefore, you should choose the shaft flex with a suitable swing speed based on your clubhead and the distance that the ball will cover.

For more information, you can check a detailed shaft flex chart by clicking here.


Despite the importance of swing speed in determining the best shaft flex, tempo is another matter that you should not ignore, especially if your swing speed is near the dividing line between two shaft flexes.

Additionally, fast tempo is not always a good thing, so a softer flex may slow down the swing speed, which, in turn, leads to a better swing and clubhead speed. Therefore, whether your tempo is flexible or stiff is worth your thought.


From my experience, I don’t recommend you to choose a shaft flex based entirely on your feelings only. But sometimes, especially when faced with two products with similar features and deliver results, your own intuition can be your greatest helper

Let’s pick up both and make a quick comparison. After that, go with the one that is more comfortable to hold and swing around. Why? Golf is literally a mental based recreational game, so more assurance in your own club may ensure you a better strike and a positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shaft Flex

1.     Is stiff shaft flex suitable for any golf beginners?

Technically, there is no rule that says golf newcomers should not choose a stiff shaft flex.

However, most beginners with a slow swing speed are advised to choose a regular one instead of a stiff shaft flex and don’t switch to another until they have put their shot and speed under great control. Now, the stiff one requires proficient skills due to its high swing speed and far-reaching carry distance, so probably it will not be the best fit for them.

On the other hand, if you quickly get yourself acquainted with golf and immediately gain a proper swing motion with a clubhead speed ranging from 95 to 110 miles per hour, then there is a likelihood that a stiff flex, like UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf shaft, will be a great choice to upgrade and show off your skills.

2.     Do golf shafts make any difference?

Golf shafts contribute remarkably to the performance of your golf swing and the successful shots of your balls. During the game, the shafts are likely to make some changes to the clubhead’s direction and grip.

Besides, there are other factors that a golf shaft can directly influence, namely the height of a shot, curvature, clubhead speed, and clubface in relation to the clubhead.

Please have a quick look at the following video about a golf shaft’s impacts and get to know about this aspect more thoroughly.

3.     What are the differences between a stiff and regular shaft?

While both of them show a high swing speed and allow players to generate great spin and control, there are various features to distinguish these two types of shaft.

In terms of design, a stiff shaft proves to be more hard to bend than the regular one. For this reason, the stiff shaft seems to be heavier than its counterpart.

Another feature to differentiate between them is the kick point. Usually, a golf club with a lower kick point is likely to produce a higher trajectory

More detailed differences are included in this video so check it when needed.

The Bottom Line

It is a challenging task to find a suitable shaft flex, as although you have a smooth and proper swing, you still run the risk of failing to give an accurate shot due to an inappropriate flex.  We hope that you have gained all the needed information and useful help from our article above whenever you ask yourself this question.

Deciding the best shaft flex is not as easy as pie, but if you have enough experience and receive a useful guide, there will be less chance of a wrong decision. Once again, if you have already had enough experience, then UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL Golf shaft is worth your try, so take it into account when intending to buy one.

Any doubts or questions? If you are still worried or undecided over which one is best suited, feel free to leave us a comment below, as we are happy to give you a helping hand!

Updated: October 22, 2020 — 12:39 pm