How to Remove Rust From Golf Shafts? Just follow my simple guide

Have you been seeking high and low for a brief yet in-depth guide on how to remove rust from golf shaft? Well, search nowhere else, we have one for you! If you think of golf as your life and your equipment as your best buddy, going through our article is a must.

How To Remove Rust From Golf Shafts?

Most shafts are made with steel and titanium to send your ball faster across the field, but when it comes to maintenance, it is the other way around. Golf shaft of this sort is basically a rust magnet. So sick of seeing your shiny shaft get ruined day by day? It is time to pocket these steps.

  • Wash the entire shaft and dry it properly so that no grime and dirt remain
  • Get a lemon from your fridge and slice it in half. Then rub as much juice on the shaft as you can, make sure to grind your fingers against the metal extra hard.
  • Leave the lemon juice there overnight for the acid contained to work on the rust.
  • After rinsing the lemon juice off, put your club in your bathtub (or the largest container you have at home). Then pour in 2 gallons of water and 2 liters of cola, let the mixture cover your entire club, shaft and all.
  • It is now time to get rid of the uninvited rust. Use your scrub brush and proceed to remove it all, focus on the sweet spot and grooves as a large amount of rust might gather there.
  • Wrap your shaft in a cola-soaked towel, and again, leave it there overnight.
  • Wash the sugary liquid off, and dry your shaft. Your work is done!


Updated: August 30, 2021 — 12:30 am