How To Determine Tip Thickness of Golf Club Shafts – The Simple Guide for Golfer

 Golfers often ignore the shaft of the golf club. Today, we will reveal to you a fact. The shaft is the main engine of a golf club. The golf shaft contributes to the performance of a golf club. The length, flex, tip thickness, and weight, etc. all affect your golf session.

How To Determine Tip Thickness of Golf Club Shafts

If your shaft is not the clubhead’s right size, you will meet many issues such as the tip being loose, falling out, or not fitting the golf club.

Step 1

Check and ensure there is no debris at the shaft tip. Clean the debris on your shaft tip with a coarse sandpaper or  a damp wipe. This cleaning tip will give the most precise measurement results.

Step 2

Measure the length from the shaft’s tip to the point after putting the golf shaft into the clubhead’s hosel. You can mark this point with a pen.

Step 3

Take off the shaft from the club head’s hosel. Next, remove the coating of the shaft down from the marking point in the previous step. It would help if you used coarse sandpaper or a utility knife for a graphite shaft.

Step 4

We recommend using a gauge ruler or an electronic caliper for quickly determining shaft tip sizes.

Using A Gauge Ruler

Place the shaft tip in each hole of the identification gauge until it is fully fitted. Read the label next to that hole and determine the tip’s size—the range of thickness for shaft tip usually from .270” to .370”.

Using An Electronic Caliper

Place the shaft tip between two hands of the caliper and pull them to fit the tip. Don’t forget to read the digits in the digital display.

Digital Calipers

Updated: August 30, 2021 — 12:28 am