15 Best Driver Shafts Reviews

So, right in this article, we have listed and reviewed the 15 best driver shafts from all famous brands. These products are the greatest equipment that will bring your club to another high level. Slide down, read, and see which one pleases you the most!

15 Best driver shafts reviews

1. Fujikura Vista Pro 65 Stiff Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 65 Stiff Shaft

Standing on the top of our today list is the Fujikura Vista Pro 65 stiff shaft. This driver shaft is super stiff, which is ideal for any player who often swings his club powerfully. The graphite material allows the hardness shaft. So that every time you swing it, the driver will get the best force to push the ball over a far distance.

In addition, the stiff flex type will work to add more power to the shaft. That’s why this Fujikura Vista Pro 65 can attract a lot of golfers whose playing style is strong and fast. Believe it or not, as we used this shaft to swing the ball, although it was not our highest power, the ball still launched up at an incredible speed!

Another cool thing about this Vista Pro 65 model is, the product has been cut and designed so that it has a standard length. As a result, the shaft will be ready to use right after you open the box. That will save you a lot of time instead of working on modifying the shaft.

The only problem with this Vista Pro 65 stiff shaft is that it only supports specific driver models. This is quite understandable because this product is only built as a replacement for the old ones. If your driver belongs to the Taylormade group (M1, M2, M3, M4, R15, SLDR), then you don’t have to worry about anything. Otherwise, the shaft may not fit other driver models.


  • Stiff graphite material
  • Strong forcePre-assembled
  • Standard length


  • Only support specific driver models

2. Graphite Design New Tour AD BB-6

Graphite Design New Tour AD BB-6

If stability is what you require from the  driver shafts, then this Graphite Design New Tour AD BB-6 will meet your needs! The Graphite Design company has increased the hardness of this item from its tip to its middle part so that it will help you make a powerful shot, allowing the golf ball to fly quickly.

Also, with a high amount of flex in the bottom part, the shaft will permit you  to load it well, making the best  power to hit the ball. So he ball will be able to fly straightly, even when it is affected by the wind, as the amount of ball spin is already reduced.

Here is a small note for you! When you install the shaft to the driver, make sure that you leave at least 1/2 inches of the parallel tip part above the hosel of the driver. Although this job may be a little bit difficult, it will help prevent the shaft from breaking down during the game. Honestly, the tip of this shaft is small (only 0.335 inches), so that it can be broken at any time, even when there is a small impact.


  • High hardness from tip to middle part
  • Supporting powerful shot
  • High amount of flex in the bottom part
  • Reducing spin


  • The thin tip is easy to break down
  • Difficult to install

3. Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX

Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX

Do you like customizing your golf club? If yes, you can see the Mitsubishi Tensei Ck Pro TX as a favorite equipment! As the product gives you three choices of colors: orange, blue, and white, you can get what you like and custom your own club so that it will have a unique appearance!

Also, the Tensei Ck Pro Tx comes in two weight types: 70 grams and 80 grams. You can get the type that suits your playing style the most, whether you want to hit the ball with high spin or with less spin.

Compared to the previous Graphite Design New Tour AD BB-6 at the point flex, this Tensei Ck Pro TX is a big opponent! In other words, this Mitsubishi model also has a high amount of flex at the bottom, allowing you to load up the shaft strongly and make the golf ball fly straightly, not depending on the wind impact.

To push the ball up high, you will require a quick and powerful swing. This also means that the Tensei Ck Pro TX is not suitable for the players who have a slow-swinging playing style. So if you belong to this group of players, you should continue scrolling down and find other products.


  • Three choices of colors: orange, blue, white
  • Two choices of weight: 70 grams and 80 grams
  • High amount of flex


  • Not suitable for players who swing their club slowly.

4. Accra Tour Z RPG 372

Accra Tour Z RPG 372

Flexibility is the best word that we can use to complement this Accra Tour Z RPG 372 driver shaft. Why is that so? Allow us to explain!

The thing that makes this Accra shaft special is its Callaway OptiForce shaft adapter. User can customize its graphite shaft so that it can fit any model of Callaway drivers, from Epic, Epic Sub-Zero, OptiForce 460, 440, Big Bertha Alpha 815, Big Bertha Alpha 816, X2 Hot and Hot Pro, to XR Series and 16 Series, etc.

Even when you do not like to customize the shaft, there is also no issue! The Accra Tour Z RPG 372 has been assembled in the standard length of the brand Accra so that you can start using the equipment right after unboxing it.

Keep in mind that there is no wrench that comes along with the shaft. So if you want to modify the basic design of the shaft to a new style, you need to prepare fixing tools by yourself. Another option is, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to adjust for you. But that also means that the product will arrive at your address on a later date.


  • Callaway OptiForce shaft adapter
  • Suitable to many driver models
  • Pre-assembled
  • Stiff graphite material
  • The manufacturer makes the adjustment of the shaft as you desire


  • No wrench is coming along with the product.


5. UST Proforce Gold XX 65

UST Proforce Gold XX 65

In case the Accra Tour Z RPG 372 can not please you with its flexibility, you can refer to this UST Proforce Gold XX 65. It is also one of the best versatile driver shafts on this list.

This UST Proforce Gold XX 65 has a huge collection of driver adapters. You can get any adapter type that suits your driver model the most, from Callaway, Cobra, Nike Covert, Ping, Taylormade to Titleist models!

Not only that, but you also have the permission to choose the shaft flex type for your playing style. The product comes with three flex types that are Regular 6F3, Stiff 6F4, and X Stiff 6F5. Therefore, if you often play with hard and powerful swings, you can get the 6F4 or 6F5. Otherwise, if you belong to the slow-swinging player group, the 6F3 will be the best choice for you.

Just like the previous Z RPG 372 model, although  this Proforce Gold XX 65 can be modified, you will have to prepare the tools to adjust by yourself. There is no wrench included in the product package. And if you request the manufacturer to do the job for you, the shipping time can take longer.


  • Different types of adapters
  • Supporting many driver models
  • Three shaft flex types
  • Durable graphite material


  • No wrench is included in the product package

6. Fujikura Ventus 5

Fujikura Ventus 5

It looks like that the Fujikura company focuses on providing the quality driver shafts that can add more power to the swing. Besides the Vista Pro 65 Stiff shaft, this Ventus 5 model is also a great choice for any player who has a strong and fast playing style.

Specifically, this Fujikura Ventus 5 is designed with the newest technology – the VeloCore combined with high-quality composite materials. Thanks to this, the shaft can give a lot of support to you to make middle launches with less ball spin. This means that after you hit the ball, it will fly straight to the destination that you aim to, regardless of wind impact.

Other than the VeloCore, the unique Fujikura HIT High Inertia technology has been applied for the shaft tip so that every time you swing, the driver will receive the strongest force from the tip to push the ball. As a result, the ball will be able to fly over a far distance, increasing the chance for you to bring the ball into the hole with fewer hits.

Unfortunately, this Fujikura Ventus 5 only supports several driver models made by the Taylormade company. In specific details, you can attach the Taylormade series from M1 to M6 drivers to the shaft. That’s a little bit bad because the features of this shaft are quite impressive.


  • High-quality composite materials
  • VeloCore technology
  • Fujikura HIT High Inertia technology


  • Only Taylormade M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 drivers supported.

7. UST Mamiya Helium Driver Shafts

UST Mamiya Helium Driver Shafts

Who says that people with weak hands can not make strong hits? With the help of these UST Mamiya Helium Driver Shafts, striking the golf ball powerfully is just a piece of cake!

As each of 5 items of the UST Mamiya Helium Driver Shafts collection does not weigh more than 59 grams, you will be able to make your club super light. And when you try swinging the club, you will feel nothing, as if there is no drag affecting it!

Despite the light shafts, they are still powerful. By using less resin to construct the shafts, the UST company has made a high hardness for every single product of its collection. That’s the reason why the shafts can provide a strong force to help you push the ball far away, regardless of the weak hands.

Moreover, the UST manufacturer has also increased the amount of carbon fiber in the main part of the shafts to make them stiffer. The stiffer the shaft is, the more stable you can swing your club. So if you are looking for equipment to increase the hitting stability, these UST Mamiya Helium shafts are the best driver shafts to get.

But that does not mean that these shafts do not have bad points. As these tools are so light, they may not be suitable for strong and fast swinging players. A light shaft may be difficult for them to control and the ball will not be able to get to the destination that they desire.


  • Lightweight design
  • High hardness due to less resin in materials
  • High amount of carbon fiber for stiffness


  • Difficult to control for strong and fast swinging players.

8. Aldila QUARANTA Blue Shafts

Aldila QUARANTA Blue Shafts

Another collection of lightweight driver shafts that you can refer to is the series of Aldila QUARANTA Blue Shafts. The six shafts in this collection are from 40 grams to 50 grams heavy, which are also ideal for players with weak hands to make strong shots. As we tested using each one of the six shafts for our game, all of them allow us to move the club smoothly. And since the driver contacts the ball, the hitting sound is already enough to tell how powerful the shot was.

The Aldila Quaranta Blue shafts also come with a variety of flex options. Specifically, you will have permission to choose three flex types, which are L, R, and A. Each type has its own specialty, so make sure that you consider carefully in order to get the most suitable one.

On the downside, all six products in this collection are only suitable for people who prefer to launch the ball at a low or middle bend point. If you like shooting the ball up high, we do not recommend this one to you. Also, the product is not made for the strong and fast swinging players, just like the previous UST collection. This is understandable because all Quaranta shaft models are lightweight designed.


  • Lightweight design
  • Nice hitting sound
  • Variety of flex options


  • Not suitable for launching the ball at high bend points
  • Not recommended for fast and strong swinging players

9. Aldila Quaranta Blue 50 Senior

Aldila Quaranta Blue 50 Senior

They are moving on to another product made by the Aldila company. Let’s check out the Aldila Quaranta Blue 50 Senior! If the previous collection can not please the user with a strong swinging style, then this Senior model will do the job!

As you can see, the shaft is made of high-quality graphite. This equipment will be so stiff, hard, and long-lasting so it  can support you in making powerful hits and  bringing the ball over a high distance.

When the product arrives, its flex will be senior type – the standard design of the manufacturer. This type is already enough for you to swing the club smoothly and hit the ball strongly. But if you like the flex to be different in your way, you get no problem to adjust it. But keep in mind that you have to prepare a wrench and learn how to adjust by yourself!

You may ask if this product has a bad point. Well! Our answer is yes! It is terrible to say that this shaft only supports specific driver models (mostly Taylormade drivers). So, you will not be able to use the features of this shaft if your driver is not Taylormade built. In our opinion, the Aldila company should make more adapters for the shaft to  attract and please more customers!


  • High-quality graphite as material
  • Senior flex
  • Making powerful hits
  • Adjustable


  • No wrench included
  • Only several driver models (mostly Taylormade products) were supported.

10. Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5

Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5

It is such a miss if we do not review this Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5 in our article today. Believe it or not, this shaft is a big deal for superior precision and distance.

With the MSI technology, also known as Material Stiffness Integration, combined with Advanced Toray Nanomaterial tech, the shaft will increase the feel when you make a swing.You will be able to hit the ball with higher accuracy.

In case you want to customize the flex of the shaft, the manufacturer gives you three choices: regular flex, senior flex, and stiff flex. If you like your ball to fly straightly and fastly, do not hesitate to get either the senior flex or the stiff flexas these items can reduce the spin of the ball. Not exaggerating, but this product is such a beast in the middle and high trajectory.

Furthermore, you can adjust the length of the shaft to suit your own playing style. All you have to do is contact the Graphite Design company and request them to construct the shaft in your design. Otherwise, the product will arrive in a standard length of 45.5 inches.

In our opinion, this Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5 is almost perfect. The only thing that makes us disappointed is that the shaft only supports three driver models of the Titleist company, which are 917, 915, and 913 models. Honestly, it will be much better if the product has more adapters for other driver models.


  • Material Stiffness Integration technology
  • Advanced Toray Nanomaterial technology
  • Three choices of flex types: regular, senior, and stiff
  • Good for middle and high trajectory
  • Adjustable


  • Only Titleist 917, 915, 913 driver models supported.

11. MCA-Golf Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 60

MCA-Golf Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 60

Do not regret that you can not buy the previous Tour AD VR 5 because we have a collection of shafts that can fit all driver models in this section! Say hello to the MCA-Golf Mitsubishi Diamana DF-Series 60!

This shaft collection, which contains 60 different adapters, can please all customers, no matter which driver model they have! When buying the shaft from these DF Series, you can choose between a wide range of adapter options, from Callaway, Titleist, Nike Covert, Ping to Taylormade models!

You also have permission to choose your favorite flex type, as there are four great options for you: Regular, Stiff, X Stiff, and TX Stiff. All these flexes are good to use, so consider and get one that suits your playing style the most!

Everything is good, except that the shaft does not support players that have a smooth playing tempo. If you notice, mostly all flex types are stiff. That means that you will need a strong force to hit the golf ball powerfully. Of course, this is not the favorite playing style of the smooth tempo players, who usually have slow and smooth movements.


  • 60 different adapters
  • Four flex options
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip


  • Not suitable for smooth tempo players.

12. Fujikura Ventus Black 6

Fujikura Ventus Black 6

Have you been impressed by the Fujikura Ventus 5? Just stay calm because the Fujikura Ventus Black 6 is about to make you amazed again!

The unique technology of Fujikura company – the HIT High Inertia is so familiar to you, right? The manufacturer has applied this high tech into the Ventus 6 version. So with this shaft, you will still be able to hit the ball strongly over a far distance, just like the Ventus 5.

But what makes this Ventus 6 stand out is the flex options. In detail, you will have two choices between the Stiff flex and the X Stiff flex. The Stiff type is already way too good to help you make a strong strike. But if you like more strength and less ball spin, you can try using the X Stiff flex. The result it makes will amaze you!

It seems like each Fujikura shaft version is only compatible with several driver models. Specifically, the Ventus 6  works at its best form if it is attached with either a Ping G410 or Ping G410+ driver. With other driver models, the product may not get along well.


  • Hit High Inertia technology
  • Two flex options
  • Phantinum paint topcoat


  • Only compatible with Ping G410 and Ping G410+ drivers.

13. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6

Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6

For players who are looking for a smooth golf shaft, this Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 may be the best partner! Designed with Nano-alloy technology, the shaft has enough firmness to create a strong force to the driver while still being light enough for you to control your swing speed.

And no matter how fast you swing your club, you still be able to have a strong feel every time the club touches the ball. Because the manufacturer has applied Aerospace-grade materials to build the shaft, it will give you a good feeling and hitting sounds so that you can know if you have done your shot well or not.

Callaway XR, BB, and Epic drivers are the top models that are compatible with this shaft. This shaft can still be used to upgrade drivers made from different brands other than Callaway, but it may  not be able to perform its best function.


  • Nano-alloy technology
  • Suitable for all swing speed
  • Aerospace-grade materials


  • Only XR, BB, and Epic Callaway drivers supported.

14. MCA-Golf New Mitsubishi Diamana ZF-Series 40

MCA-Golf New Mitsubishi Diamana ZF-Series 40

If you are interested in the driver shafts that have beautiful and  impressive graphics, you definitely can not miss this ZF-Series 40.

Take a look  and you will see how beautiful it is! The base color of the shaft is shiny grey that creates a polite and luxury feeling. As a product of the ZF collection, the shaft will have a flower band graphic printed near the grip part, which is also a signature pattern of the MCA-Golf ZF series.

The shaft is not only beautiful because of its appearance but also because of its performance. More specifically, this shaft is built with stiff flex, which is ideal for the golfers who often play with their strong power. This stiff flex allows the shaft to bring more force to the driver. As a result, you can kick the ball up strongly, regardless of your swing style.

There is still a thing that the MCA-Golf ZF Series 40 can be improved. It is the number of flex options. At the moment, the shaft only has stiff flex, which is hard to use by the players with a slow playing style. If there are more flex choices, surely the shaft will attract more buyers!


  • Beautiful design with a flower band graphic printed
  • 46 inches of raw length for consistent shots
  • Kicking the ball strongly regardless of swing style
  • Graphite as material


  • Only one option for flex type.

15. UST LIN-Q Purple 60

UST LIN-Q Purple 60

Is playing consistently too hard for you? Why don’t you try using this UST LIN-Q Purple 60? Things will be much better!

With Q-fiber Technology, the shaft can store power when you prepare and thrash power when you swing to strike! As a result, the ball can receive a high amount of force to fly up over a far distance. This process will repeat every time you make your shot. Thus, you never have to worry about playing inconsistently again!

Also, the tip and the middle part are stabilized designed so that they are easier to grip and swing. Since you are able to take the shaft under control, bringing the ball to the desired destination is just like taking candy from a baby!

And for consistent shots, the manufacturer has designed so that the shaft has a length of 46 inches. Thanks to this, you can keep a suitable distance to the objective ball and make your swing smoothly. Trust us! Every of your strikes will be super efficient!

Compared to our 14 previous products, this UST LIN-Q Purple 60 may be the heaviest shaft, as two flex types that weigh 67 grams and 68 grams. If you are a player with weak-hands, we do not advise you to buy this product.


  • Store power when preparing and release power when striking.
  • Easy to grip
  • Simple to swing
  • Three flex options


  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for weak-hand people.

How to choose the best driver shafts

There are seven factors that can help you find out the most suitable equipment for your club. And in this section, we will share all of them with you!

#1: The flex

The flex is the first factor you should notice when buying. A shaft that has too much stiffness of flex will reduce the spin of the ball. That will make the ball fly low. But with a powerful hit, the ball can fly high and straight, regardless of the wind effect. On the other hand, the shaft with less flex stiffness will increase the spin of the ball. In that case, the ball may fly too high and fall in the wrong destination that you desire.

Typically, there are five types of flex that are sold on the nowadays market:

  • Regular
  • Senior
  • Stiff
  • X Stiff
  • TX Stiff

Each type of flex will be compatible with a specific playing style. For example, the player that tends to swing slowly requires a soft flex so that he can hit the ball with high accuracy. On the opposite side, the user who usually hits the ball as powerfully as he can get along with a stiff flex because it adds more power to the driver to make a strong strike.

#2: The weight

The weight also plays an essential role in your golf performance. If the shaft is heavy, it will be difficult to control and swing. As a consequence, you will hit the ball with less precision. However, the heavyweight of the shaft usually comes along with a strong force. So if you can master your movement with the heavy shaft, what you make with a super powerful strike. Due to this, you can bring the golf ball to any destination that you desire.

In case you want to know how to master a heavy shaft, we will say that you should practice more. Remember that only training makes you successful!

#3: The length

The length of a shaft decides if you can make consistent shots or not. A long shaft will give a less consistent strike because the player will tend to kick the ball at a far distance. Oppositely, a short shaft will allow you to hit the ball with more consistency, as it gives you more chance to launch the ball nearly. Of course, even a kid knows that the nearer you stand to the ball, the easier you can hit it precisely.

#4: The kick point

Have you ever wondered why you can kick the ball with high precision when you are close to it? It is very simple to understand because the key is the kick point!

Technically, the kick point will decide the flying direction for the ball. If you hit the ball at the top point of the ball, it will fly lowly and have much spin. On the other hand, if you hit the ball from a very low point, it will fly up high. And in the best situation, the ball can fly over a very far distance.

#5: The torque

Ball spinning is what most golfers want to avoid when launching. Suppose the ball spins much, whether due to the impact of rain or wind, it will fall down quickly or change the flying direction. Therefore, it is necessary to know if the shaft has a low or high torque (the spinning resistance measurement).

Mostly, the golfers will look for a shaft with high torque. It is understandable because this type of shaft will make the ball fly straight and high. However, some types of players, especially golf experts who can take advantage of the ball spinning, prefer the shaft with low torque. Hence, you should know which player group you belong to and get a suitable product.

#6: The price

The price is also an important factor that some golfers, especially beginners, care about. Of course, you can not purchase a too expensive shaft if your budget does not allow you, right?

On the market, there are so many kinds of shafts with different designs and features. Some products that have the features you need and  some have unnecessary functions. Thus, you should consider carefully before purchasing so that you can get the most suitable shaft at an affordable price.

#7: The appearance

Who says that a golf shaft does not need to be beautiful? If the shaft has a nice design, it will motivate you to play golf well and consistently.

Nowadays, there are a lot of shafts that have special patterns and graphics printed. Some even have a special signature logo marked on its body. You can always buy them to decorate your collection of golf tools!

Last words

We have gone a long way to see the 15 best driver shafts of all famous golf brands, as well as to learn seven factors to get the best one. Hopefully, you have made it to find a suitable product for your own!

In case you still have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will explain everything to you, based on our wide knowledge of golf.

And now, we will have to temporarily say goodbye. Many thanks for reading and see you again at the next posts of us!

Updated: May 30, 2021 — 10:03 am